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Scoreboard roundup -- 12/6/21


(NEW YORK) -- Here are the scores from Monday's sports events:

Indiana 116, Washington 110
Oklahoma City 114, Detroit 103
Philadelphia 127, Charlotte 124 (OT)
Memphis 105, Miami 90
Atlanta 121, Minnesota 110
Chicago 109, Denver 97
Milwaukee 112, Cleveland 104
Phoenix 108, San Antonio 104
Golden State 126, Orlando 95
LA Clippers 102, Portland 90

Colorado 7, Philadelphia 5
Ottawa 3, New Jersey 2 (SO)
Washington 4, Anaheim 3 (SO)
Dallas 4, Arizona 1
Vancouver 4, Los Angeles 0
Pittsburgh 6, Seattle 1

New England 14, Buffalo 10

Houston 77, Alcorn St. 45
Texas Southern 69, Florida 54

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Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit dies suddenly at Santa Anita Park, trainer says


(NEW YORK) -- Medina Spirit, the winner of this year's Kentucky Derby, died of a heart attack following a workout at California's Santa Anita Park, the horse's trainer announced Monday.

The 3-year-old colt collapsed on the track after completing a routine morning workout and died "suddenly," the on-site veterinary team who attended to him determined, according to a statement from Santa Anita Park.

The veterinary team took blood, hair and urine samples from the horse and sent them to the California Horse Racing Board, according to Santa Anita.

A full necropsy, as per protocol in California, will be performed at the University of California-Davis’ School of Veterinary Medicine to try and ascertain the exact cause of this sudden death. The results will be released by the California Horse Racing Board, according to the Park.

Medina Spirit's first-place finish at the Kentucky Derby was dampened by a positive drug test for betamethasone, a joint injection/anti-inflammatory medication, following the race on May 1.

The horse was found to have 21 picograms of the steroid in his system, twice the legal limit. The medication is legal but not on race day in Kentucky, Maryland and New York, the states that host the Triple Crown series.

In June, Churchill Downs suspended Hall of Fame trainer Bob Baffert for two years after the positive test was confirmed.

Baffert maintained his innocence, describing the positive test as a "complete injustice" and maintaining that the steroid was used to treat a skin rash.

A topical ointment, and not an injection, led to the failed test, an attorney for trainer Bob Baffert announced on Friday, The Associated Press reported. The determination was made through urine samples tested by a lab in New York.

The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission will determine whether the test proving the drug was given via ointment and not injection could get Medina Spirit’s positive test tossed out, the AP reported.

Medina Spirit has not been stripped of his victory. He also came in third in the Preakness Stakes.

Baffert said in a statement, "My entire barn is devastated by this news."

"Medina Spirit was a great champion, a member of our family who was loved by all, and we are deeply mourning his loss," Baffert said. "I will always cherish the proud and personal memories of Medina Spirit and his tremendous spirit."

Baffert also said his "thoughts and prayers" are with Zedan Racing Stables, the owners of Medina Spirit.

"Medina Spirit will be missed by all those who worked with and cared for him," Santa Anita said.

Churchill Downs and the California Horse Racing Board are expected to release statements on Monday.

Santa Anita Park made national headlines in 2019, after dozens of horses died at the racing facility in a single season — the majority on the main track.

The deaths prompted a task force investigation by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office and calls from Gov. Gavin Newsrom to shut down after it did not heed the California Horse Racing Board's recommendation to suspend racing when the death toll was at 29.

More than 40 horses died that season.

Despite the highly publicized deaths, the facility boasts a high rate of safety and considers itself the largest training facility in the U.S.

In 2019, horses raced or trained at the facility more than 420,000 times at a safety rate of 99.99%, according to the park.

ABC News' Henderson Hewes, Cheryl Gendron and Bonnie Mclean contributed to this report.

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Scoreboard roundup -- 12/5/21


(NEW YORK) -- Here are the scores from Sunday's sports events:

Utah 109, Cleveland 108
Charlotte 130. Atlanta 127
Toronto 102, Washington 90
Houston 118, New Orleans 108

Columbus 6, San Jose 4
Tampa Bay 7, Philadelphia 1
Chicago 3, NY Islanders 2 (SO)
Los Angeles 5, Edmonton 1
Winnipeg 6, Toronto 3
Vegas 3, Calgary 2

Arizona 33, Chicago 22
Detroit 29, Minnesota 27
Indianapolis 31, Houston 0
LA Chargers 41, Cincinnati 22
Miami 20, NY Giants 9
Philadelphia 33, NY Jets 18
Tampa Bay 30, Atlanta 17
LA Rams 37, Jacksonville 7
Washington 17, Las Vegas 15
Pittsburgh 20, Baltimore 19
Seattle 30, San Francisco 23
Kansas City 22, Denver 9

UCLA 2, Washington 0
Arizona 90, Oregon St. 65

New York City FC 2, Philadelphia 1

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What to expect from the college championship conference games


(ATLANTA) -- It's a big weekend for college football. Conference championships this weekend will set the stage for the playoffs.

Watch the full report from ABC's Good Morning America for a preview of this weekend's conference championship games:

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Scoreboard roundup -- 12/2/21


(NEW YORK) -- Here are the scores from Thursday's sports events:

Chicago 119, New York 115
Toronto 97, Milwaukee 93
Memphis 152, Oklahoma City 79
Phoenix 114, Detroit 103
San Antonio 114, Portland 83

Florida 7, Buffalo 4
Tampa Bay 4, St. Louis 2
Colorado 4, Montreal 1
Ottawa 3, Carolina 2
Chicago 4, Washington 3 (SO)
San Jose 2, NY Islanders 1 (OT)
Minnesota 5, New Jersey 2
Boston 2, Nashville 0
Dallas 3, Columbus 2
Calgary 3, Los Angeles 2

Dallas 27, New Orleans 17

Washington at Arizona (Postponed)

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Neuropsychologists call for elimination of race-norming in clinical tests following NFL concussion controversy

Jeffrey Brown/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

(NEW YORK) -- The American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychologists (AACN), the professional organization that sets standards and practices for the field of neuropsychology, has called for "the elimination of race as a variable in demographically-based normative test interpretation," the controversial practice widely known as race-norming.

The move comes amid a firestorm of criticism following an ABC News investigation of alleged racial bias in the National Football League's landmark concussion settlement program. ABC News uncovered emails and data suggesting race-based adjustments to former players' cognitive test scores made it more difficult for Black former players to qualify for compensation from the league for head injuries sustained on the field of play.

In a position statement provided to ABC News, the AACN acknowledged fundamental flaws with race-norming and signaled its support for the development of new testing protocols in neuropsychology that do not rely on race as a proxy for environmental influences that lead to inequity.

"Indeed, sampling of racial minority populations in the U.S. has been limited and inconsistent when creating neuropsychology test norms," the statement's authors wrote. "Use of unrepresentative norms can result in diagnostic error, as well as stigmatization of minority populations based on supposed disparities in neuropsychological ability."

Last March, the federal judge overseeing the NFL concussion settlement ordered the league and attorneys for former players into mediation to "address the concerns" about the use of race-norming. After several months of confidential negotiations, the NFL in October agreed to abandon the practice and reevaluate past claims for compensation that may have been impacted by race-based adjustments.

Sources familiar with the matter told ABC News that the deal could result in hundreds of millions of dollars of additional compensation for former players and their families.

In the coming weeks and months, parallel efforts to engage neuropsychological experts in the development of new testing practices that seek to eliminate racial bias will be underway.

The AACN has pledged to "advance and support the necessary work to make this complex transition possible," which could include raising public and private funds and partnering with test development companies and other scientific organizations. The group cautioned, however, that progress will be slow and require patience from the public, as "simple solutions will not suffice to solve problems that were centuries in the making."

The NFL, meanwhile, has committed to funding the continued work of a panel of experts developing what it calls "a set of diagnostically accurate, race neutral, long-term norms" that will ultimately replace the current method of measuring cognitive impairment in former NFL players seeking compensation.

They hope to deliver a solution within a year of the implementation of the new settlement agreement, which is still awaiting final approval by a federal judge.

There is at least one point of overlap between those two efforts: Dr. Anthony Stringer, the director of neuropsychology and behavioral health at Emory University School of Medicine, is serving as the chairman of the AACN subcommittee on the use of race in neuropsychological test norming and performance prediction -- and is also serving, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter, on the NFL-funded panel of experts developing the replacement norms for the future evaluation of former players.

Stringer did not respond to multiple requests for comment from ABC News.

The neuropsychology community is just the latest branch of medicine to reckon with its use of race in diagnostic testing and clinical care. In response to public pressure and congressional oversight, a number of leading medical societies and institutions have also pledged to review or amend their policies to reflect an evolving consensus that race-norming can be harmful to Black patients.

Cy Smith, an attorney who represents Kevin Henry and Najeh Davenport, the former NFL players who filed the original lawsuit alleging that the league's protocols skewed concussion payouts along racial lines, hailed the development as "long overdue," but noted that actual change has yet to be made.

"We are pleased to see that our lawsuit and the vital oversight of the Court in the NFL Concussion Settlement has pushed the psychology profession to revisit the use of 'race norms,' alongside other health care providers," Smith told ABC News. "But the next step is just as important -- any replacement norms must be fair, and not be used to limit the claims of Black football players, or other people of color."

Dorothy Roberts, the founding director of the University of Pennsylvania Program on Race, Science and Society, said that while criticism of race-norming is hardly a new development, the current level of public attention is unprecedented.

"The idea of adjusting medical tests for race is deeply rooted in the history of racism in America and has been contested for a long time," Roberts told ABC News. "But the recent controversy surrounding the NFL, coupled with new research being done, is galvanizing a groundswell of opposition that I hope will lead to abolishing race correction throughout medicine."

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Scoreboard roundup -- 12/1/21

ABC News

(NEW YORK) -- Here are the scores from Wednesday's sports events:
Atlanta 114, Indiana 111
Orlando 108, Denver 103
Washington 115, Minnesota 107
Cleveland 111, Miami 85
Boston 88, Philadelphia 87
Dallas 139, New Orleans 107
Houston 114, Oklahoma City 110
Milwaukee 127, Charlotte 125
Sacramento 124, LA Clippers 115

NY Rangers 4, Philadelphia 1
Vancouver 6, Ottawa 2
Toronto 8, Colorado 3
Detroit 4, Seattle 3 (SO)
Anaheim 6, Vegas 5
Edmonton 5, Pittsburgh 2

UCLA 73, Colorado 61
Villanova 71, Penn 56
Arkansas 97, Cent. Arkansas 60
Valley 72, BYU 65
Oklahoma 74, Florida 67
Georgia 82, Memphis 79
Iowa St. 83, Ark.-Pine Bluff 64
Auburn 85, UCF 68
Michigan St. 73, Louisville 64
Wisconsin 70, Georgia Tech 66
North Carolina 72, Michigan 51
Seton Hall 85, Wagner 63
Southern Cal 93, Utah 73

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Scoreboard roundup -- 11/30/21


(NEW YORK) -- Here are the scores from Tuesday's sports events:

Memphis 98, Toronto 91
Final Brooklyn 112, New York 110
LA Lakers 117, Sacramento 92
Phoenix 104, Golden State 96
Portland 110, Detroit 92

San Jose 5, New Jersey 2
Detroit 2, Boston 1
Florida 5, Washington 4
Minnesota 5, Arizona 2
Nashville 6, Columbus 0
St. Louis 4, Tampa Bay 3 (SO)
Dallas 4, Carolina 1
Anaheim 4, Los Angeles 4 (OT)
NY Islanders at Philadelphia (Postponed)

Ohio St. 71, Duke 66
Purdue 93, Florida St. 65
Tennessee 86, Presbyterian 44
Houston 99, Northwestern St. 58
UConn 72, MD Eastern Shore 63

New York City FC 2 New England 2 (New York City FC advances 5-3 on penalty kicks)

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Scoreboard roundup -- 11/29/21


(NEW YORK) -- Here are the scores from Monday's sports events:
Philadelphia 101, Orlando 96
Denver 120, Miami 111
Houston 102, Oklahoma City 89
Chicago 133, Charlotte 119
Minnesota 100, Indiana 98
Cleveland 114, Dallas 96
Utah 129, Portland 107
New Orleans 123, LA Clippers 104
Final San Antonio 116 Washington 99

Seattle 7, Buffalo 4
Arizona 1, Winnipeg 0
Vancouver 2, Montreal 1
Calgary 2, Pittsburgh 1 (SO)

Washington 17, Seattle 15

Gonzaga 64, Tarleton St. 55
Texas 73, Sam Houston St. 57
Kentucky 85, Cent. Michigan 57

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New York Giants legend Michael Strahan reflects on family, teammates as sports world celebrates his jersey retirement

Sarah Stier/Getty Images

(NEW YORK) -- No New York Giant will ever wear Michael Strahan's famed number 92 again after the team officially retired it from circulation on Sunday.

For 15 seasons, Strahan was a fearsome quarterback in the league. He notched 141.5 career sacks, 854 tackles, four interceptions and one Super Bowl Championship title.

"When I came to New York to play football, I just wanted to play football. I just was happy to have a job. And I never figured that that job would transfer into like a career and doing what I love and the best city in the world," the Good Morning America co-anchor said. "And now to have my jersey retired. It's absolutely incredible honor. Lost for words."

During his speech at MetLife Stadium in front of a stadium full of longtime fans, Strahan praised his family for their support.

"I am so grateful to have my family here because without them, I am not here," he said. "My father is here in spirit and my mom is here. Thank you, mom, for giving birth to me. For encouraging me and for being the toughest person in my life."

Scoreboard roundup -- 11/28/21


(NEW YORK) -- Here are the scores from Sunday's sports events:

Golden State 105, LA Clippers 90
Milwaukee 118, Indiana 100
Boston 109, Toronto 97
Memphis 128 Sacramento 101
LA Lakers 110, Detroit 106

Washington 4, Carolina 2
Minnesota 4, Tampa Bay 2
San Jose 2, Chicago 0
New Jersey 5, Philadelphia 2
Boston 3, Vancouver 2
Toronto 5, Anaheim 1
NY Islanders at N-Y Rangers (Postponed)

Atlanta 21, Jacksonville 14
Cincinnati 41, Pittsburgh 10
Miami 33, Carolina 10
NY Giants 13, Philadelphia 7
NY Jets 21, Houston 14
New England 36, Tennessee 13
Tampa Bay 38, Indianapolis 31
Denver 28, LA Chargers 13
Green Bay 36, LA Rams 28
San Francisco 34, Minnesota 26
Baltimore 16, Cleveland 10

Kansas 96, Iona 83
Villanova 72, La Salle 46
Alabama 96, Miami 64
Arkansas 76, Penn 60
Seton Hall 84, Bethune-Cookman 70
Florida 84, Troy 45

Real Salt Lake 2, Sporting Kansas City 1
Philadelphia 1 Nashville 1 (Philadelphia advances 2-0 on penalty kicks)

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Scoreboard roundup -- 11/24/21


(NEW YORK) -- Here are the scores from Wednesday’s sports events:
Charlotte 106, Orlando 99
Phoenix 120, Cleveland 115
L.A. Lakers 124, Indiana 116 (OT)
Brooklyn 123, Boston 104
Milwaukee 114, Detroit 93
Utah 110, Oklahoma City 104
Toronto 126, Memphis 113
Houston 118, Chicago 113
New Orleans 127, Washington 102
Atlanta 124, San Antonio 106
Minnesota 113, Miami 101
Sacramento 125, Portland 121
Golden State 116, Philadelphia 96

Boston 5, Buffalo 1
Columbus 3, Winnipeg 0
Pittsburgh 4, Vancouver 1
Florida 2, Philadelphia 1 (OT)
Washington 6, Montreal 3
Detroit 4, St. Louis 2
SO Minnesota 3, New Jersey 2
N.Y. Rangers 4, N.Y. Islanders 1
Vegas 5, Nashville 2
Colorado 5, Anaheim 2
Seattle 2, Carolina 1
Toronto 6, Los Angeles 2
Edmonton 5, Arizona 3
San Jose 6, Ottawa 3

Baylor 75, Arizona St. 63
Texas 68, California Baptist 44
Memphis 69, Virginia Tech 61
Houston 78, Oregon 49
BYU 81, Texas Southern 64
UConn 115, Auburn 109
Michigan 65, Tarleton St. 54
Seton Hall 62, California 59
Florida 71, Ohio St. 68
Iowa St. 82, Xavier 70


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Scoreboard roundup -- 11/23/21


(NEW YORK) -- Here are the scores from Tuesday's sports events:

Miami 100, Detroit 92
New York 106, LA Lakers 100
Portland 119, Denver 100
Dallas112, LA Clippers 104 (OT)

Tampa Bay 4, Philadelphia 0
Dallas 4, Edmonton 1
Calgary 5, Chicago 2

Gonzaga 83, UCLA 63
Wisconsin 65, Houston 63
Arkansas 73, Cincinnati 67
Illinois 72, Kansas St. 64

Nashville 3, Orlando City 1

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NBA suspends Pistons' Stewart and Lakers' James after on-court skirmish


(NEW YORK) -- The NBA has suspended-without-pay Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James and Detroit Pistons center Isaiah Stewart after an altercation during Sunday's game.

The NBA announced Monday that for "recklessly hitting," James will serve his one-game suspension Tuesday when the Lakers face the New York Knicks. For his part, Stewart has been suspended two games for "escalating an on-court altercation by repeatedly and aggressively pursuing" James "in an unsportsmanlike manner."

The incident began with just over nine minutes remaining in the third quarter during Sunday's game at Little Caesars Arena. James and Stewart had been vying for position during a free throw, when James struck Stewart as their arms became intertwined, ESPN reports. Blood appeared steam from above Stewart's eye immediately after the blow. Several people, including coaches and teammates, attempted to block Stewart's path as he attempted to run toward James. Both players were subsequently ejected from the game, with Stewart assessed two technical fouls and James a flagrant foul 2.

The Lakers and Pistons will face off again next Sunday in Los Angeles. Both Stewart and James will be eligible to play in that game.

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Scoreboard roundup -- 11/22/21


(NEW YORK) -- Here are the scores from Monday's sports events:

Brooklyn 117, Cleveland 112
Charlotte 109, Washington 103
Atlanta 113, Oklahoma City 101
Boston 108, Houston 90
Indiana 109, Chicago 77
Milwaukee 123, Orlando 92
Minnesota 110, New Orleans 96
Phoenix 115, San Antonio 111
Memphis 119, Utah 118
Philadelphia 102, Sacramento 94

Columbus 7, Buffalo 4
St. Louis 5, Vegas 2
Nashville 3, Anaheim 2
Pittsburgh 3, Winnipeg 1
Colorado 7, Ottawa 5
San Jose 2, Carolina 1

Tampa Bay 30, NY Giants 10

UCLA 75, Bellarmine 62
Duke 107, The Citadel 81
Kentucky 86, Albany 61
Houston 70, Butler 52
Arkansas 72, Kansas St. 64
Cincinnati 71, Illinois 51
Ohio St. 79, Seton Hall 76
Florida 80, California 60
Gonzaga 107, Central Michigan 54
Southern Cal 98, Dixie St. 71

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